Monday, January 23, 2012

From house to home.

I have literally not blogged in a month. In that time I have gone to Virginia to meet my new nephew Keagan, who is adorable!! I have worked a lot, started working out, started trying to eat healthier, worked on decorating the house, etc. I know some of these sound like New Year's resolutions, but they're really not. I really want to live a healthier lifestyle. Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred was the beginning. I got the video months ago, but realized I couldn't do it in my 3rd floor apt. Now that we're in the house I feel that it's much easier to exercise. I'm just not a gym person... or much of an outdoor runner. Anyway, that's enough of that.

Now the fun part- decorating the house!! I got these awesome prints from B&A Prints on Etsy!

I absolutely love them! They have an amazing shop, and will customize your order for no extra charge! I got them to add a few cities to both Mississippi and Georgia, and they shipped them the day after my order. I got the matted frames from Michael's for $6 each, and Pip hung them in our entryway right under our awesome Knight collage that the Cowart's gave us as a wedding gift.  

I also got a few great items at one of my FAVORITE stores... Kirklands! Beginning with my colorful rug in the dining room...

And my cute little lamp for my desk that was only $9.95... 

... and my $26 Clearance lamp!!! Also the console table it's sitting on. :) It matches our kitchen cabints perfectly (which is what it is facing).

Tune in next time to see my homemade roman shade I made for the front door... bc I haven't hung it yet. haha.