Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Worst blogger ever...

Well, I haven't posted since March. Oops... life goes on! Philip and I have been enjoying our house. I can't believe we've lived in it for almost a year now... craziness. We just made it through our 1st hurricane on the coast, so that was an adventure. We were fine. We only lost power for about 20 min. and kept our DirecTV signal the whole time minus a few times where it would freeze for a less than a minute. We had friends who live close to the water come and stay with us, so we played lots of games and ate pizza. (Thank you Domino's for opening during the storm... don't know what I would've done without you!)

Philip and I are also starting DDP Yoga which we're really excited about! DDP stands for Diamond Dallas Page. He was a WWE Superstar who started doing yoga to heal his body from years of wrestling. He then created a more intense yoga program of his own to challenge himself. Of course Philip is wants to do this because it was created by a wrestler... but we both want to lose some weight. He already bought our yoga mats, and we're ready to start!

I also want to ask anyone who is reading to pray for my good friend Laura, who I've mentioned before on my blog. Laura lives in Haiti, and has gotten a tropical fever in the last week. I'm not sure of the details of it. I think it is flu-like and causes sickness and pain, but it is not life threatening. She is flying home tonight to recover in the states. Please pray for her healing so that she can get back to her sweet kids and ministry in Haiti.

Well, that's all for now... I'll try to post more often! =)