Wednesday, October 26, 2011

(almost) closing time!

We are closing on our house November 21st, and we can't wait!! We've really started discussing where everything will go, what tv, internet and phone services to get, and all that jazz. It's starting to feel real. Here are some pics from today:


other side of Kitchen...

 Fireplace and side cabinets (still waiting on stackstone surround and mantle)

Vanity in Master Bath (I love the drawers in the middle!)

Kitchen from living room

The front... =)

Also, my papaw just found out that his cancer has returned, and he will start chemotheraphy in a couple of weeks. He has not been through chemo before, so please pray for him. He knows that God is in control, but he is still nervous about how the treatments will affect him. I got to visit papaw and mamaw this past weekend and attend a family reunion with a lot of my papaw's cousins and their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I think that really cheered him up a lot. The picture below is me with my mamaw, papaw, and Aunt Brenda at the reunion.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cornflake Candy

If you know me, your know that I LOVE sweets... probably a little too much. I especially love chocolate, but one of my favorite non-chocolate desserts is Cornflake Candy. I have had different versions of this treat, but none compare to my mom's recipe. It's just the right combination... not too much peanut butter, but rather a sweet gooey treat!

1 cup of sugar
1 cup of Karo
1 tsp. of vanilla extract
3/4 cup of peanut butter
6 cups of Cornflakes

Combine sugar, karo, and vanilla in boiler on high. When mixture comes to a boil cook for one minute. Remove from heat, then add peanut butter. Stir in cornflakes 2 cups at a times. Mix well. Drop spoonfulls onto wax paper to cool.

**Just a note... if you let the mixture boil longer than 1 minute, the candy will be hard as a rock. I say this from experience. (You know, the first time I tried to cook them in college without mom.) ;)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A week ago, Pip and I got to sit in the front row at WWE Smackdown in Biloxi thanks to Kicker 108! Philip won the tickets in a radio contest by naming the wrestler whose theme song they played. We had an absolute blast. We even went early and got to meet Ted DiBiase (who was actually the wrestler Philip named to win the tickets)! He is from Clinton and graduated from MC, too! He is getting people to tailgate before the shows and call it a DiBiase Posse party. He comes out and talks to everyone, takes pics, signs autographs, etc. It was really fun, and he was so down to earth.

DiBiase even retweeted this picture of us! Pip was so proud. lol

Here's a picture from Smackdown... we had awesome seats!! Sin Cara is diving over the ropes in this one.

The Big Show came right up to us and picked up a chair to smack Mark Henry with. We got on tv at this point... and for the sign that we made for him. Then they replayed it on Monday night Raw last night! Philip is famous. =) Anyway, we had a great time!

Here's a recent picture of the house, too! It's all bricked!!

Here's one of the foyer, kitchen, and dining room from the living room.

Hope you enjoyed!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

New house pics!

Well, I didn't get to go by the house on Wednesday because a huge storm rolled in, but Pip went by yesterday and took these shots:

We have a fireplace! I'm looking forward to hanging Christmas stockings on the mantle this year!

I was also excited to see the stacks of bricks... looks like that's next! Yay!

Also, notice we have shingles on the roof! =)

P.S. Melissa, for some reason I can't comment on my own blog anymore... something to do with cookies. Anyway, to answer your question, it should be done by the end of Nov. or beginning of Dec!!