Thursday, March 1, 2012

My American Idol Top 12

Well, I've always loved the show... and this year I'm very impressed with the talent. There are some good guys this year, but there are some INCREDIBLE girls. Here are my top 12 in no particular order:

Skylar Laine- She's from Brandon, MS! But that's not the only reason I picked her. She has been called a young Reba throughout the competition by the judges. She has a great country voice, and has a lot of confidence for an 18-year-old.

Shannon Magrane- This girl could win it all! She is only 16, but she can just flat out SING. Wow. During Hollywood Week, she shocked me with "A Wonderful World".

Elise Testone- I love her raspy voice, and she did justice to Adele's "One and Only" last night.

Jessica Sanchez- I remember she was good in her Vegas group performance, but last night she blew me away. She had the best performance of the week in my opinion.

Jen Hirsch- An early favorite of mine, for sure. She sang "Georgia On My Mind" in Hollywood week, and I've loved her ever since. She sang 3rd last night, so I hope America didn't forget about her!

Hollie Cavanaugh- She was great last year, but didn't make it to the top 24. She was incredible last night taking on Christina's "Reflection".

Colton Dixon- Probably my favorite guy in the competition. I just love his pure voice! It is beautiful.

Phillip Phillips- From Leesburg, GA! Woot woot! Phillip is really unique and the judges really love him. I wasn't crazy about his song this week, but I'm sure he'll make it.

Joshua Ledet- I was saying AMEN at the end of his song on Tuesday. Wow! He brought the judges to their feet with his amazing gospel sound.

Adam Brock- They call him "White Chocolate", but Philip and I call him "Memphis" bc we always think about when he sang "Walkin' in Memphis". Great soulful voice!

Reed Grimm- The guy is a little crazy, and the judges have compared his musical genius to Casey from last year. I like him! He has a great voice and TONS of personality, so I love to watch him perform.

Heejun Han- You gotta love Heejun!! He's hysterical, and he has such a beautiful voice.

Others worth mentioning- I love Erika Van Pelt, too! I just had to cut someone, and unfortunately it was her. If they add a 13th like they did last year, I would add Erica!

 I also need to mention that the judges are obsessed with Deandre Brackensick. I cannot stand his voice... His last 2 performances he sang almost entirely in falsetto. I think it's awesome when you hit one little run way up there, but dude!! The whole song?! You just sound like a woman. NOT cool. I'm sure if America doesn't vote him in, the judges will give him the wild card. That frustrates me, bc I know that means that one of my picks isn't going to make it.

We'll see how it goes!