Friday, July 29, 2011

Crazy life

Well, life has been crazy for the past few weeks! I got to stay in Georgia for a couple of extra days in order to go to a close friend's wedding. Adam Dozier and Jennifer Driggers have been dating since we were in the 10th grade, and they were finally joined in marriage on July 16! It was such a sweet wedding! I'm so thankful that I got to attend! (I will try to blog about their wedding gift that I made myself in a future post... if my computer cooperates and allows me to add multiple pictures in one blog post.) I have a picture from our senior prom of Adam and Jen Dozier, Adam and Abby Newland, and me and Pip. We were all dating the guys we ended up marrying. I think I will always treasure this picture!

I also started my job last week, and it has been a fun 2 weeks of orientation and training! I think I'm really going to enjoy working for this company. We are preparing for our grand opening... as soon as the building is complete. I can't wait! Now I'm just trying to learn everything I can about airplanes...

In the midst of all of this, Pip and I celebrated our 1st anniversary on the 24th! I am so incredibly thankful for him. He is truly the perfect husband! We also met Bruce from Swamp People!! He's the one that wears the overalls with no shirt, and his dog, Tyler, rides in the boat. (Pics on facebook... lol) Last but not least, my sister just found out that her baby is a BOY! I can't wait until my little nephew arrives in December! I'm gonna spoil the little booger.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Masterchef, Braves, Class reunion

Well, I haven't posted in a little bit, because we've been out of town. I'm actually typing from my parent's home in Georgia right now. We are on our vacation, and we've had a lot of fun! Before we left, we went to my childhood friend, Whitney Miller's cookbook launch! She won the title of America's first Masterchef last September on FOX. The Miller family went to our church in Poplarville, and I was close friends with Whitney and her younger sister, Brittyn. I also really looked up to their older sister, Leslie, who is an amazing singer! It was so good to see their family and many other families from Poplarville. (We moved there when I was 3 and moved away when I was 10, so I was seeing most of them for the first time since we moved to Georgia). Her cookbook is phenomenal! I recommend it to everyone!! It's called "Modern Hospitality- Simple Recipes with Southern Charm". You can find it on or most major bookstores.
We also went to see a couple Braves games before heading home! We went last Wed. night with our friend, Aaron, who lives in Atlanta now. The Braves beat the Rockies 9-1 that night. The next day, Pip and I went to a day game, which the Braves won 6-3! We got to see 4 homers between the 2 games (all hit by the Braves). Besides it being really hot, we had a great time. Philip got a few autographs (Eric Hinske, Cory Gearrin, and Wilkin Ramirez) and I got on the big screen!! lol.
We drove to our hometown on Thursday night after the game. We got to celebrate Liam's birthday on Friday with family and neighbors, and I had my 5-year class reunion Saturday night on a Savannah Riverboat Moonlight Cruise. Yesterday, we got to worship at our home church where my dad is the pastor. It is so good to be home and to see people we care about so much. I also had a BLAST watching the Women's World Cup game yesterday between the US and Brazil. If you didn't see it... you missed the most exciting game ever. Find out when it's being replayed, and watch it! We still have a couple days here before we head home, and we plan to enjoy them... especially since I am finally supposed to start orientation for my new job next Monday. Yay! If you read this far, thanks for caring. haha.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pageant time

So, maybe I'm lame, but I have been watching all the prelims for the Miss Mississippi pageant this week. I always hated when you watch a pageant on TV, and the very first thing they do is announce the top 10! I wanted to know WHY they were the top 10. Well, last summer when I was in Georgia, a friend posted a link for the prelims on facebook, and I was SO excited! I watched all 3 nights of prelims, and I had favorites before the actual pageant on Saturday night.
This year, I got really into it and scored the contestants, and even picked my own finalists. It's also exciting to see some of the same contestants from last year that were favorites of mine. I'm cheering on Jill Duckworth (Miss USM) and Jessica Terrill (Mrs. MSU)! Jill was my pick to win last year, but she was 1st runner-up. Jessica made the top 10 last year, and I know her because she went to MC before she transferred to State. (She was Miss MC 2009)... Anyway, I'm also expecting Mary Margaret Roark to do very well. She won the swimwear prelim for her group, and also did GREAT in talent! We'll see how it all pans out!
I'll be eating pizza and thanking the Lord that nobody is judging my body. LOL!